PVC, EVA Pellet extruder with material loading system for Pipe, cable, shoe.. mould-Car mat all-rubber-plastic-chearRubber sheet- EVA sheet full plant equipmentShoe Injection Mould11.jpg

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1.BRITTLE (BREAKABLE;sercurity ): AUBL BRITTLE (BREAKABLE;sercurity ) FILM LABEL STICKER--80μ Suitable for seal on fakes proof products, drug, food, packing and confidential documents. Label will self-destruct when it is torn off. 2." VOID "" WORD MARK: VOLW WHITE VOID QUALITY ASSURANCE LABEL--25-5

211 Recycle EVA raw materical

Recycle EVA raw materical,

mixer(kneader) & palletizing extruder full line

TPR compounding turn-key project, Plastic extruder compound line , PVC compounding turn-key project, Supper mixer, High speed mixer & cooling blende,  Dispersion Kneader, Mixing roller, Calender, EDM machine Shoe accessories equipment.